Jianguo Hot Spring Hotel


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Address:No.5 South Jian'guomen Street, Beijing, 100005
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Jianguo Hot Spring Hotel is a member hotel of Jianguo brand of Home Inn management company. It is located in Jianguomen South Street, close to CBD Central Business District, north to Ancient Observatory, and 600 year old Ming City Wall Ruins Park in the south. The transportation around the hotel is convenient. Wangfujing, Beijing railway station, Oriental Plaza, Xiushui Street and other famous places are distributed around the hotel. 111 sets of fashionable, spacious and warm guest rooms with complete facilities. Adhering to the concept of "urban oasis, self-building" of the first trip to establish the country. With more than 1100 meters of natural hot spring water from the underground hot spring, the hotel is directly connected to each guest room, bringing you incomparable pleasure. Mingcheng No.5 roast duck square Chinese restaurant, four seasons hall, Sunshine Hall bar and other catering facilities. Peony multi-function hall, Lily hall, Rose Hall three conference rooms, suitable for receiving various conference activities and business negotiation activities. Hot spring club provides hot spring bath, original soup hot spring pool, special physiotherapy hot spring bath and other facilities allow you to take a vacation for your body and mind after busy work.